Welcome to The Costume Shop's Website

For now over half of a century,
The Costume Shop has been located at:
    643 Center Street
    Waukegan, Illinois 60085

    (847) 344-9600 main line


We are open year-round by appointment.
We take appointments EVERYDAY except Sundays and Wednesdays
"Same day" appointments are often available.

The Costume Shop carries quality rental costumes in adult sizes for men, women, teens, couples and group-themes. We also carry wigs, costume cosmetics, masks and accessories.

We have costumes to make you a clown, cowboy, indian, pirate, cop, prisoner, judge, monk, nun, priest, doctor, dentist, nurse, surgeon, witch doctor, old maid, sexy french maid, angel, devil, belly dancer, zombie, jack-o-lantern, and even a bunch of grapes or a slice of watermelon! That is just to name a few!

We have character costumes from popular storybooks and movies.

We have historical costumes of famous people from past and present.

We have patriotic costumes for your Independence Day parade or event.

We have military costumes from the Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc...

We have era / period costumes
    1920’s flappers and gangsters
    • 1950's poodle skirts and letter sweaters
    • 1970’s afro wigs and bell bottoms
    • Southern belle dresses with hoop skirts
    • Renaissance kings, queens, jesters,
       witches, & wizards
    • Greek or Roman togas
    • Cavemen or cavewomen

We have ethnic costumes
    • Scottish kilts
    • Mexican serapes and sombreros,
    • German Oktoberfest lederhosen,
    • Geisha robes and ninja suits


We have a variety of mascot costumes
    • Gorilla
    • Chicken
    • Black and white sheepdog
    • Teddy bear
    • Bunny
    • Lion

We have department store quality holiday costumes
       (In fact, many local stores rent from us.)

    • Biblical costumes & robes
    • Santa and Mrs. Claus suits
    • Snowmen and elves
    • Easter bunnies
    • Pilgrims and American Indians
    • Leprechauns

We have a huge selection with hundreds of costumes with many multiple costumes available for popular choices. Mix and match costumes to create your very own personally unique costume. We include accessories with your rental.

We offer flexible costume rental pick-up / drop-off dates and times on site at The Costume Shop. Off-site special delivery and return pick-up are available for additional fee(s).

Rentals may be reserved, with advance payment, in order to ensure the desired costume, at the desired time, is available.

Directions to The Costume Shop: From the 94 tollway or Highway 41, Exit at Grand Ave (Route 132). Head East into Waukegan. Pass Jackson to Ash Street - turn left (North). At Center Street turn left (West). Located at 643 Center Street !



Latitude: 42.370601              Longitude: -087.839068

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Sorry, we do NOT have costumes for small children available.

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