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Suggestions on 1858 Costumes
By Braun & Schneider - c.1861-1880

'Venus Wear' Reveals
27,000-Year-Old Fashion --
World’s Oldest Hats Discovered?


Costume -- Based on the 11th Edition Encyclopaedia Britannica (pub. 1911) 
Costumes of Midieval & Modern Europe --
Based on the 11th Edition Encyclopaedia Britannica (pub. 1911)

Costumes in Pirates of the Caribbean by The Salacious Historian

Cecil Adams' Straight Dope Science Advisory Board answers:
Did Vikings really wear horns on their helmets?

Lake County, Illinois, Convention & Visitors Bureau

Welcomes you to the City Guide for Waukegan, IL

Waukegan Web Dot Net for Info on the City of Wakegan

Dex Online's The Costume Shop Listing

Dr. Dawn Miller is on a mission to rescue animals with her Eye of the Eagle Animal Sanctuary
Florida's Dawn Miller's Mission to Rescue Animals

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